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That's easy! Just reach out to us and we can discuss what committee(s) would be a good fit for you based on your interest, industry, schedule, etc.

No, we are not a branch of city government, but do collaborate with the City on programs and projects that affect businesses and citizens. We are a 501c6 non-profit organization and have been established since 1884.

Every member is able to update their business information that appears both online and in the printed Membership Directory & Resource Guide. Simply call or email us and we will send you login and password information.  You can then update your company's profile including contact information, representatives, etc.  You can also login to add job listings, pay invoices, and submit company press releases for the website.

We offer several programs including Leadercast, Leadership Aberdeen, Mental Wellness in the Workplace, and Workforce Innovation Summit. Information on all those events can be found on this site, or simply contact our office.  In addition, we offer several webinars on this site at:

If you are interested in a topic, please let us know!


CART started in the mid-80’s when a local manufacturer closed their doors. Tim Rich, Aberdeen Mayor at the time, quickly pulled together a group of community leaders to discuss options for those employees to keep them employed and living in the community. This group became known as the “Community Action Response Team.”

The group continued to meet every Thursday morning to discuss community and regional issues and became known as the “Community Action Resource Team” until several years ago.

We brought back this group to re-energize community discussion, awareness and engagement. It is an opportunity to share useful information, learn about projects and ideas, generate discussion, and receive input.

CART meetings are every Thursday morning from 8:30 am – 10:00 am in the Chamber Conference Room located at 514 S. Main Street - just one door North of the Chamber's main entrance. We'll have the coffee on and hope to see you there!

If you can't attend in person but still want to be part of the conversation:

You can add job or internship  listings on both the and websites.

Here’s How: Click on the website and scroll down to click on the member login square. Once clicked, it will ask you to provide your username and password. If you do not know this information, there is a link to reset and/or set up a password. Or, you can call the Chamber and we can provide you with the login information or reset it for you. Once there it will bring up your company’s Membership Profile, which is the information we have about your business in our system. The shortcut menu on the left side of the page lists the options you can update.

From the left hand shortcut menu; select Add Job Posting. From there you will be able to put in Job Title, Job Description and choose Category of job posting, It will also populate contact information for your business, which you can keep or modify for the job listing. You select the dates you want the job listing to run, and can also add a logo for your business. Once finished, submit for approval, and the Chamber will receive notification and approve the listing for you.

Once we do, the job listing will appear on two websites, and, and we will also use the information to post your job listing on the Aberdeen Area Jobs Facebook page. If you need to go back in and make a change, just select Manage Job Postings.

For additional help, here are links:

You bet! We have several items that members can rent or borrow including:

  • Cocktail Tables and Tablecloths
  • Sound System
  • Podium
  • Easels
  • Aberdeen Signage

Plus, Chamber members can utilize our Conference Room when available for off-site meetings, trainings, etc.


Yes! The Aberdeen Gift Card is actually processed through merchant's POS system as a visa card.  It's a simple process to get you set up to receive them and the cards can only be used at Chamber member businesses. It's a great way to keep money circulating locally in our community. For more information on the card, click:


It's easy! Just send an email to and we will get you added to our system. These announcements go out every Monday morning and there are other special event emails that go out as well. If you are not receiving them for any reason, let us know as they could be landing in your junk or clutter outlook folders, or being blocked by a firewall.

Yes! Chamber members can advertise in the Progress. Our staff sells the front cover and inside spread of each issue and Quality Quick Print sells all other advertising in the publication. Chamber members can also submit information to be included such as:

  • Business press releases
  • Educational articles pertinent to businesses and/or employees

Contact Lisa Anderson at for publishing dates, guidelines, etc.

We are all about making connections and increasing engagement for your employees. The more engaged they are in the community, the more likely they are to stay at your company and in Aberdeen. We offer the New Employee Welcome event, prior to every Business After Hours mixer. It's a chance for them to meet a few other new people, learn about the Chamber, and ask questions about the community. If you want to get them signed up, email for more information.

We also have the "Hub City Link" survey that you can have them complete. Once they do, we can connect them to the activities, resources, and programs they and their families are most interested in. That survey can be found at:

And there's more - just reach out to us to see what works for you!

Contact us at or (605) 225-2860

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