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2022 Board of Directors

Executive Board Members

Kellie Ecker Kolb , President

South Dakota Manufacturing & Technology Solutions

Katie Washnok , Vice President

Blackout Ind.

Sandra Welling , Treasurer

One Legged Pheasant Brewery

Cam Schock , Secretary

Climate Control

Full Board Members

Kila LeGrand

Sanford Health

Tom Cogley

Cogley Law Office

Zach Flackus

Northern State University Foundation

Andy Rehder

3M Company

Mike Sommers

Double D Body Shop (ADC Board)

Spencer Sommers

Co-op Architecture (ADA Board)

Courtney Rott

Riddle's Jewelry

Liesl Hovel

Northeastern Mental Health Center

Jarrett Rix

Rix & Company

Abby Murano

Dakotaland Federal Credit Union

Brodie Mueller

The Market on the Plaza

Justin Feickert

Quality Quick Print

Ex Officio Members (Non-Voting)

Casey Weismantel

Aberdeen Convention & Visitors Bureau

Mike Bockorny

Aberdeen Development Corporation

Shelley Westra-Heier

Aberdeen Downtown Association

David Novstrup

Wylie Thunder Road & Allevity

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