1. Determine Gift Card Balance
    • Make sure you know the balance on your Aberdeen Gift Card before you use it as the card will decline if sale amount exceeds balance on card.
      • Check balance online at www.getmybalance.com.
      • Call the Chamber at (605) 225-2860 Monday – Friday and provide card number from back of card (Ex:1234 5678 9012 3456).
      • Call the automated phone line at 1-800-755-0085 found on back of card and provide them with card number.
      • Purchase an inexpensive item and look at your receipt. Authorization code on receipt will display the actual remaining card balance as shown here:

  2. Self-Checkout Processing
    • Ensure the card has sufficient funds as shown above.
    • Simply use the credit card key at the register. Do not use gift card, gift certificate, check, travelers check or any other key.
    • If it requires that you input the CVV number, it is located here.
    • If it requires the last 4 digits of a bank card to complete an authorization, enter the 4th set of numbers on the back of the card (Ex: 443 614 304 492 7246).
    • If the POS requires the expiration date, it is the number here: Card Plastic Valid Thru.

  3. Split Tender Transactions
    • If your Aberdeen VISA gift card does not have sufficient funds to cover the total amount of the sale, you must process the sale as a split tender transaction and use another form of payment for the amount of the sale that exceeds the gift card balance.
    • Process the NON-ABERDEEN CHAMBER GIFT CARD transaction FIRST.
    • Swipe the gift card last to authorize the remaining amount of the sale which equals balance on card.
  4. Manual Entry
    • If the system fails to read the card when swiped, or if the system is not set up to do so, you can type in the 16-digit code on the back of the card.
  5. Returns
    • Returns can be placed back on the card; however, it may take up to 3 business days to appear on your gift card account.
  6. Reasons Card May Decline
    • Sale exceeds balance of the card – see above for split-tender transactions.
    • The merchant may have updated their POS system and they need to contact the Chamber to re-activate their system.
    • Card has been inactive for over one year. EML Financial will deduct $3.00 per month until a purchase is made, or the card balance is depleted.
  7. Additional Program Information
    • The Aberdeen Gift Card Program is facilitated by the Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce. Cards can be purchased at the Chamber office located at 516 S Main St., Aberdeen, SD 57401 or online at www.aberdeen-chamber.com/
    • Gift cards are sold in increments from $10.00 to $500.00. There is no charge to purchase gift cards, thanks to the card sponsor, Dakota Broadcasting.
    • A list of participating merchants is included with every gift card purchase and is available online at https://aberdeen-chamber.com/participating-merchants/