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Visitor Welcome Center - Online Letter of Support

  1. We are the hub of Northeast South Dakota, serving a population of close to 100,000 within a 100-mile radius and we do not have a Visitor Center. We are missing a huge opportunity to promote our area’s attractions, amenities and events. Increasing our interaction with visitors will lead to visitors staying longer, attending more events, and increasing their spending. This, in turn, increases Triple B funds used to promote and grow our community.

    Our community has worked hard to grow our population over the last several years, and we want to keep that momentum going by being more accessible and accommodating to new and current residents. We will increase our ability to share and promote the opportunities for individuals and businesses to be engaged in community issues, projects and opportunities. Increased engagement leads to higher retention for our businesses and helps support city services.

    We can create a one-stop center for visitors, businesses and citizens, by co-locating the offices of the Chamber, CVB, as well as other community-oriented organizations who have already expressed interest. This will allow for stronger communication, increased coordination of efforts, and costs savings between multiple organizations. This is something the council has asked us to consider for several years. We are excited to expand the programs and services we currently provide, while also implementing new ideas and efforts such as an Aberdeen Store, Home-Made and Hand-Grown Marketplace, community meeting rooms, non-profit/service club storage areas, etc.

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