Writing Our Story!

Chamber Mission

The Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce has been an established voluntary non-profit membership organization since 1884. Today, we are 650 members strong with over 2,000 volunteers that help facilitate and participate in the chamber's activities and events. As a non-profit, 501c6 corporation, the chamber supports and speaks for those engaged in business, industry, agriculture, transportation, education, health care, and private sector enterprises. In a nutshell, we seek to make commerce happen through business expansion and attraction, as well as the advocacy efforts that help improve business in our area.

Chamber Vision

Our vision is to bring businesses and individuals together to build consensus on business issues and community goals. Our mission is to serve as the leading business advocate for the economic health and vitality of our membership, our community, and the greater Aberdeen area. The chamber pursues its vision and mission by:
  • Cultivating future leadership and advancing opportunities in the state
  • Educating businesses and individuals on workforce readiness and development issues
  • Promoting and encouraging growth of the membership, community, and area
  • Serving the region as the central networking organization from which ideas, resources, and assets can be drawn
  • Unifying and advancing membership, community, and regional interests

Our Members

Funded by your membership investment, the chamber works for a healthy economic climate of good jobs, capital creation, and honest, efficient government. Our strength lies in the number and diversity of our membership. Since we collectively embody the vast experience of the many businesses and professionals within our membership, we have the knowledge and insight to identify issues of importance to the business community and the combined means to devise and implement strategies to address them. Chamber members are the most responsible, innovative, and conscientious business and professional people in our area.

A Wise Investment

If you were to put a dollar figure on the publicity, referrals, business leads, political contacts, marketing services, economic development projects, research information, etc., it certainly makes your membership decision worth the investment. We believe that we can represent your business and the region through our efforts to support business members in their effort to grow, assisting entrepreneurs and new businesses for continued high quality economic growth, representing the members’ interests in government and legislative issues, promoting the area’s numerous assets through marketing and public relations efforts, and ensuring the overall highest standards for an improved quality of life.

Your membership is a wise investment and is what allows us as an organization to facilitate projects and initiatives that have and will continue to make a difference. Each of our businesses bring a pool of resources to the chamber, from which ideas, energy, and assets can be drawn. Input and support from your business is vital to the success and growth of the community and region. We also know that your dollars can go to support numerous organizations, projects, and activities, but hope that you will join us, and the businesses we represent, to accomplish collectively what no one of our businesses can accomplish individually.

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