Hub City Hound Contest

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The Hub City Hound Contest officially launched September 10, 2020 and will end on October 10, 2020. Winners will be announced the week of October 12, 2020. All proceeds from this fundraiser will be awarded to the Aberdeen Area Humane Society to support fundraising efforts for their new building campaign. 

The Hub City Hound Contest is open to anyone in the known universe who would like to enter their dog to compete for the coveted title of the “Hub City Hound" for 2020-2021.

Contest Details
Submit a photo of your dog at beginning September 10th. You can also provide a few short sentences explaining why your dog is the most awesome dog around! Photos should be digital and sharp enough to look good on the internet. No photos of people, just your dog. Photos should be in focus to show off your amazing pooch.

There is a $10 minimum donation to post your dog, but you automatically receive 10 votes when you enter your dog! If you have multiple dogs, you will need to take separate photos of each and post them separately. The $10 donation/posting fee applies to each dog you enter.

Dog owners are encouraged to have their friends, relatives, and co-workers go to the contest website and vote for their dog.

Votes cost $1.00 per vote with no maximum on how many votes a person can buy. For example, you can give 100 votes to your favorite dog by donating $100 in a single transaction via the website and come back to the site as many times as you want and donate votes as often as you'd like. Dog owners themselves will be able to buy as many votes as they'd like, too.

How to Enter and How to Vote

All entries will be made on-line by visiting the contest website from September 10th to October 10th at:

Follow the directions for entering dogs in the contest and voting. Contest payments online are through a secure site. There is a $10 fee to enter your dog, which automatically gives your dog 10 votes. Additional votes cost $1 per vote and can be made in any amount throughout the course of the contest.

We encourage you to share your contest page link with family and friends through email and social media encouraging them to vote for your favorite contestant's photo.
All donations for votes are non-refundable and not tax deductible (there was a vote in exchange for the donation). Entries and donations must be made via the online contest page.

Donations and photo entries for this online contest that are submitted via other means (US mail, in-person or by other means) will be accepted as donations but not applied toward the contest.

Top Dog -- First Place: The dog with the most votes will be crowned the "Hub City Hound" for 2020-2021.The winning dog will be prominently featured on the front label of the Oktoberfest beer brewed by Dakota Territory Brewing Company. This beer will be called “Puptoberfest”. The owner of the winning dog will receive a free twelve-pack of Puptoberfest! The top dog winner will be named the Honorary Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce Mascot and may be asked to attend promotional events and be available for interviews by the news media. The dog with the highest number of votes will also be honored with the cover of the 2021 Aberdeen Area Humane Society annual calendar, as well as their month of choice in the calendar.

Second Place: The dog with the second highest number of votes will be featured on the back label of the special Dakota Territory brew. The owner of the second place dog will win an eight-pack of Puptoberfest! In the event that the first place dog is unable or unwilling to fulfill all of the roles and responsibilities of being the Hub City Hound the second place dog will assume that title and receive all of the benefits.

Third Place: The dog with the third highest number of votes will be will also be featured on the back label of the special Dakota Territory brew. The owner of the third place dog will win a four-pack of Puptoberfest! Additional prizes will be awarded based on the number of awesome donations that are collected.

Calendar winners: This contest is being combined with the annual Aberdeen Area Humane Social Calendar Photo contest. As noted earlier, the dog with the highest number of votes will also be honored with the cover of the 2021 Aberdeen Area Humane Society annual calendar, as well as their month of choice in the calendar. Pets receiving the next 11 highest vote totals will have their picture featured as the main picture for one month of the 2021 Aberdeen Area Humane Society annual calendar.

Reserve a calendar day – this portion of the previous contest can still be honored by contacting the Aberdeen Area Humane Society. This allows you to honor a memory, birthday, or other hallmark when you reserve a calendar day for their photo. Choose a favorite photo of your pet, choose a day, and donate! First come, first served. Each day requires a $10 donation.

Sponsors: This fundraiser is being conducted by the Leadership Aberdeen Class of 2020 and The Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce. Our partners include: Aberdeen American News, Dakota Territory Brewing Company, RDO Equipment, Avera Health, Banner Engineering, Sanford Aberdeen, Dacotah Bank, Animal Care Clinic, Colorful Creations, Harr Motors, Ken’s SuperFair Foods & Shell Express, and Malchow’s Home Furnishings.